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For over 50 years, precast concrete producers have trusted Hamilton Form with their forming needs. Our signature blue forms deliver outstanding results, bringing the designer's vision to life, and have come to symbolize the precaster's commitment to quality. Contact us at or sales hamiltonform. Custom equipment. Practical solutions. As the makers of the most consumed commodity on the planet after water, the cement and concrete industry shares this responsibility.

Alternative blends create greener cement — Partially replacing cement with supplementary cementing materials SCMs reduces CO2 emissions. This avoids nearly two megatonnes of carbon emissions, a number that would be improved further if the use of SCMs was optimized. The added benefit is that blended cements make use of by-products from other industrial processes that would be destined for landfills, including slag from steel and copper production and fly ash from electrical utilities.

Using low carbon fuels such as waste biomass and single-use plastics — The cement sector is transitioning to low- or zero-carbon fuels such as those derived from the waste stream, including construction, demolition and agricultural waste and non-recyclable plastics. Capturing carbon and putting it to good use — The cement industry is deeply invested in longer term carbon capture, utilization and storage CCUS technologies that could transform concrete from a carbon emitter to a carbon neutral or even carbon negative building material.

CarbonCure, Solidia and Pond Technologies are only some of the exciting innovations gaining traction in the market. Les mélanges alternatifs créent un ciment plus vert — Le remplacement partiel du ciment par des ajouts cimentaires réduit les émissions de CO2. Utilisation de combustibles à faible teneur en carbone comme les déchets de biomasse et les plastiques à usage unique — Le secteur du ciment est en transition vers des combustibles à faible teneur en carbone ou à zéro carbone, comme ceux qui proviennent du flux de déchets, y compris ceux de la construction, de la démolition, des déchets agricoles et les plastiques non recyclables.

Carboncure, Solidia et Pond Technologies, ne sont que quelques-unes des innovations intéressantes qui gagnent du terrain sur le marché. As a Senior Executive and Architect, Gerrie Doyle has achieved a highly successful track record of delivering large-scale and multi-disciplinary projects for a number of high-profile clients.

The CPCQA Quality Assurance Council is comprised of representatives from provincial and municipal levels of government, consulting and architectural firms, precast concrete manufacturers, and other industry experts. The CPCQA Certification Program qualifies precast concrete manufacturers who fabricate structural, architectural and specialty precast concrete products, including concrete pipe and underground utility and drainage products. More information: precastcertification.

During Casting the inner tube is contained within the outer tube, requiring no additional form work. During Erection the inner tube is extracted once the double tee is in the final position into an oversized pocket by using a dependable system of pull-out and pull-in wires.

A detent pin is installed through the inner tube to prevent retraction. Mitacs, a not-for-profit organization funded by the federal and provincial governments, industry, not-for-profit partners, and academic partners, works with more than 70 universities and colleges, and thousands of companies, builds partnerships that support industrial and social innovation in Canada.

It will also assist in the recruitment of high calibre qualified graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, and the bringing together of research collaborations between academia and industry to further the development and innovation of precast and prestressed concrete technologies in Canada.

Stream 2, Precast Studio Program: Precast Studios pair CPCI and local precast producers with architectural and structural engineering programs at leading universities so that students gain hands-on experience, learn more about precast concrete, develop new technical skills, and work with local industry partners as part of their school program.

The result of these efforts will have a direct effect on new career opportunities and will help build a future-ready workforce. Graduates have access to high-value highly skilled jobs through internships and commercial research that will significantly improve their domestic employment potential. The initiative is an exciting new precast concrete industry-led program oriented to young professionals and to recently graduated, or soon-to-be graduating students.

We are more than builders. Together we build success. Watch us build at PCL. MAX has continued improving rebar tying technology, which led to the invention of the Twintier RBT, a dual wire feeding rebar tier. The latest technology allows 4, ties per charge, while delivering just the right amount of wire for added productivity and cost savings. These innovative features make the Twintier the best and most innovative and efficient rebar tier in the Industry. Today, MAX manufactures a full line of rebar guns that can tie between mesh up to 9 x 10 rebar.

COM Our advanced concrete sensing platform, LumiCon, aims to solve the monitoring challenges of precast plants. As a nexus of concrete sensors, cloud, and analytics software, LumiCon monitors concrete temperature, maturity, strength and relative humidity throughout the curing process and generates performance insights in real-time.

AOMS cutting edge hardware and software work together to bring you a wireless sensing solution for the most accurate results. Compared to existing sensing solutions, LumiCon concrete sensors are truly wireless and do not need manual data collection with smartphones and data loggers. By enabling continuous, real-time, and distributed sensing of concrete, LumiCon ensures that your projects adhere to the quality requirements as set by the project owners and meet industry codes including CSA, ACI, and ASTM standards.

We have spent a lot of time at precast plants across Canada to understand the day-to-day challenges faced by precasters and build the right solution that increases productivity and efficiency. LumiCon automates concrete monitoring and reduces the unnecessary time and cost associated with lab breaks and outdated monitoring processes.

With remote data transmission and customized alarms, you can be notified immediately when a slab has reached the desired strength and maturity and accelerate your project schedules accordingly. LumiCon is designed to maximize the potential for increased output and throughput in precast plants. For more information, please contact Amir Azhari at amir aomstech. Notre plateforme avancée de télédétection du béton, Lumicon, vise à résoudre les problèmes de surveillance des usines de préfabrication.

Par rapport aux solutions de détection existantes, les capteurs de béton Lumicon sont véritablement sans fil et ne nécessitent pas de collecte manuelle de données avec les téléphones intelligents et les enregistreurs de données. Lumicon automatise la surveillance du béton, réduit le temps et les coûts inutiles associés aux délais de laboratoire et aux processus de surveillance désuets.

Pour de plus amples renseignements, veuillez communiquer avec Amir Azhari à amir aoms-tech. Read more about the scholarship winners below. Apprenezen plus sur les gagnants des bourses en lisant ce qui suit. He developed a passion for precast concrete design during his internship at Axys Consultants where he learned how to design architectural precast concrete panels and precast concrete bleachers.

At the end of his studies, Mikaël wants to specialize in structural design and seeks to participate in many more precast concrete projects and the overall enhanced quality and scheduling benefits that precast concrete construction has to offer. À la fin de ses études, Mikaël veut se spécialiser dans la conception de structures. With the experience that he has gained from working with concrete, fuelled by his interest from a young age, Ryland expects to have a positive influence on the precast concrete industry throughout his career in engineering and construction.

Ryland Ludwig entamera son cinquième et dernier semestre cette année dans le cadre du programme de diplôme en technologie du génie civil à la Saskatchewan Polytechnic à Moose Jaw, en Saskatchewan.

Edouard Jarbeau is a Civil Engineering student entering his fourth year at the University of Alberta. His current internship at Kiewit Energy Canada working as a Field Engineer, along with his previous experience at Reward Construction have helped grow his interest in precast prestressed concrete.

Upon graduation he intends to use his degree to work in the construction industry in the role of a project engineer, with a specific interest in transportation related infrastructure projects. He has spent the past two years performing research in the Structures Laboratory under Dr. Specifically, Austin has performed research on self-consolidating concrete and ultra-high-performance steel fiber reinforced concrete, both of which have applications to precast concrete.

Austin is the President of the Civil Engineers of Lassonde and is currently exploring co-op opportunities at Pre-Con through his program at York University. Il a passé les deux dernières années à effectuer des recherches dans le laboratoire des structures sous la supervision du Dr Dan Palermo. Ming Lu and Dr. AbouRizk's research group. He is developing his research in the field of applying smart computing systems for construction automation, process planning, visualization, and optimization.

In recognition, he has received several awards for his outstanding research contributions. At present, as a PhD researcher, Monjurul is working with several industry partners e. En reconnaissance, il a reçu plusieurs prix pour ses contributions exceptionnelles à la recherche. Congratulations to all of the Scholarship winners! In the short time since its inception the committee has launched a number of significant and innovative programs, including; Precast Studios, a Young Professional Mentorship program, and now a significant partnership with Mitacs a not-for-profit organization that fosters growth and innovation in Canada for business and academia that ties these and other programs together like our graduate scholarship program, and our research partnerships with academic institutions.

Since then the program has expanded its offerings and is now in its third successful year. Other Universities have also launched their own unique studios, the University of Manitoba in and Carleton University in Under the new Mitacs agreement the Precast Studios will be even stronger.

The funds support not only the precast studio curriculum, but also up to two related graduate student research internships at each school. This means that in , the three existing studio programs could receive financial support for six new graduate students. This is an annual commitment for the next five years! For more information on this important new partnership contact myself or Ivette Vera-Perez Account Manager, Team Lead with Mitacs, at iveraperez mitacs. Le cours inaugural a porté sur les garnitures de fonds de moules, le revêtement architectural et la technologie de contrôle numérique par ordinateur CNC.

Depuis lors, le programme a élargi son offre et en est maintenant à sa troisième année fructueuse. Dans le cadre de ce programme, un prix de 15 dollars CND a été attribué chaque année par le CPCI pour des études supérieures ou postuniversitaires dans le domaine de la recherche, de la conception ou de la construction préfabriquée ou précontrainte en béton. Robert Burak, Ing. When viewed individually, these projects are notable, but it is the ideas they create when viewed together that are truly inspiring.

Introducing resilience to climate change in the lifecycle of infrastructure is a trend that is nascent but will eventually become a mainstay. In Canada, opportunities exist to introduce climate resilient strategies in the financing of infrastructure projects, including the design of public partnerships, a key feature of the newly announced Building Canada Infrastructure Fund. Similarly, on the standards and practices front, opportunities exist to work with regulators and standards setting organizations to revamp building and design codes to meet the demands that will be placed on infrastructure in a changed climate.

A key conclusion seems to be that efforts to introduce climate resilience infrastructure products, at the earliest stage possible, will pay off. The projects in this issue highlight the benefits of precast concrete resilient building elements.

Replacing a structure like the Samuel de Champlain bridge required a deep understanding of current challenges and future needs, as well as thorough planning and coordinated execution. The new Grande Prairie Regional Hospital is at the leading edge of sustainable healthcare design and construction. This facility is also designed to accommodate a future upward expansion of two levels for a total of 1, stalls.

When the MTO wanted a solution that would minimize traffic disruption and reduce construction time for the Highway 11 Bridge, the resulting design was a precast prestressed concrete integral deck bridge. The girders for this project were a custom design involving a CPCI girder with an integral deck cast on top. The use of precast concrete NEXT beams also allowed the units to be cast in the winter in an indoor environment under ideal conditions.

Equally as important, significant portions of the structure could be constructed in parallel, thus reducing the project schedule. Large scale construction projects are a beast in a class of its own, conjuring up many worries for governments, owners and developers alike.

Precast concrete slays them time and time again. Traditional building construction is fading away as more construction crews, planners and architects discover the precast prefabricated concrete advantages.


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