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You can use these tools without any cost, but they're not yours. Maybe you'll find several of them of some interest, too, if you still happen to run any flavor of real DOS, command line console or even DOSbox possibly with LFN support, although in that case, I've yet to see one actually working as it should even when it's "Made in Germany".

Yes, almost all of these tools are DOS programs. Yes, documentation is minimal beyond informative help screens for each program, of course but this should not be a problem for command line users. And the package is freeware, after all -- which does not mean entirely valueless. Contrarily to what GPL-men think, providing source code is almost useless for most users -- and who is to believe that someone actually reads the dozens of thousands of lines of code available in open source projects?

Please note freeware status and sources providing do NOT mean "public domain" nor "GPLed" code : you may alter source code for your own private use, provided your alterations remain private and are not spread to the public, whatever the reason.

I value my time and limited skills as highly as anyone values his own, and I don't think "collective authorship" is a very good thing anyway. So what? Design matters first, implementation comes second. Incidentally, nobody should remain an "assembly rules everywhere" young snob for too long a time.

In my good old Apple ][ days, I was one of them, to the point of being able to program directly in hex for the Rockwell using the Apple ][ monitor how silly a feat Famous moralist Sébastien-Roch Nicolas was right when he wrote : "On court les risques du dégoût en voyant comment l'administration, la justice et la cuisine se préparent.

This applies to source code too. Provided it's useful, after all There are worse ways to waste one's time. Note any fast PC is likely to force some weird harmless effects with sounds generated by TopSpeed libraries and with graphics which may go too fast in a few programs I don't intend to rewrite.

Do keep in mind, too, these utilities do not use a DOS extender : they will not be able to handle the insane amount of files often dozens of thousands commonly found on WinXP and certainly later systems. As always in such cases, the good old "divide and conquer" approach is recommended that's what I do on my Win98SE system with many logical partitions.

For unknown reasons possibly Unicrap conversion , a few programs may have difficulties with weird LFN filenames this was seen with a few HTML pages saved to disk : disabling LFN support using relevant option may be of some help then. Note even Windows programs may have difficulties with weird characters. Running on NTFS filesystem is not guaranteed either in fact, many tools give unreliable -- i. They seem to work with DOSbox a gamer's tool but this was not fully tested, for a real DOS is better than any emulation although DOSbox is rather fine a piece of software, incidentally, in spite of requiring a P4 to emulate a As a last minute bonus and a way to gafiate -- Science-Fiction fans will understand , a few useless programs for Windows 3.

Win92 have been included : they will run with the games-oriented operating system often referred to as "Vindoze 98". Although its purpose may seem frivolous or even nonsensical to many , it should do as a good demonstration of the excellence of Modula-2 for writing a non-trivial real-world problem solver. I would not have rewritten these tools in any other language than Modula But this time, this archive is really final.

Thanks to them, I've avoided many hours of frustration reinstalling OS and programs, then resetting finely-tuned parameters. Getting too old for all that. A definite farewell to computing and to computers. ZIP freeware archive will no longer be publicly updated. The YACWOT syndrome did strike again : quirkfixes and minor enhancements were coded and released to a few friends using a method more modern but not necessarily more convenient for a boot disk than good old floppies : USB keys On a brighter?

Moreover, my P2 and my P4 2. Older "small" 80 Mb hard disks are aging, but replacements seem difficult to find now -- especially without an Internet access. The same applies to good old Canon BJ cartridges. It really seems Modula-2 is like Japanese bobtails cats : once you're hooked, you find it hard to accept anything less, i.

Probably not, whether for DOS or for Win In the past months, I've considered writing a TopSpeed compatibility layer for Stony Brook freeware compiler, but this would be overkill and I really do not like their overcomplicated project system : what about simplicity? ZIP documentation : it's really time to stop now! Yes, they do process it, thus provoking too many unwanted side effects on page whatever the browser I suppose this was tested with Exploder and with Firefox.

LOG partial corruption at end of file. While I was at it, I had added a more informative display of primary partitions. I assumed it was now time to get away from it all. See the list infra. Note other ports are very, very unlikely. And of course, the compiler is unable to flag its own requirements! Moreover, some Win32 executables are often slower than their humble DOS original version! And welcome to a world of mixed character sets In order not to break DOS f8. They will be found in each DOS original archive directory : unpack them by hand on a Win32 platform.

This was tested with XDS 2. Anyway, XDS may randomly crash at startup, requiring a reinstall do not forget to save your sources first if they are in XDS subdirectory! Note, too, XDS installer does require Vindoze temporary directories to be empty unless you want installer to freeze, uselessly recreating its own installation files at each try to install the Among other surprises, there may be problems about character sets command lien or internal processing, accents, Unicode ADW and XDS creators, please do us TopSpeed programmers a big favor : release the source code of your freeware compilers so one of us can try and create the mere TopSpeed Win32 we're all waiting for, a compiler able to create native code instead of C code!

It was generous of you to release your compilers free of charge : make another step and let Modula-2 programmers use the syntax they prefer. It should be of some help when painfully trying to port TopSpeed code to any ISO compiler, or it may help Win32 ISO M2 programmers to meet the useless and silly bis repetita semper placent requirement. And their parser is definitely not military-grade as shown by its mostly useless and sometimes misleading error messages Alas, alas, alas Setting relevant hidden value to an obscenely higher amount of RAM does not cure the problem, of course.

And a few people dare and laugh about DOS limits By the way : how can the awful but sometimes useful in its PDS 7. TopSpeed Modula-2 has not??? That's why providing source code is really a Good Thing. They are run if and only if binary comparison shows no difference. As for J. TopSpeed compiler, it's a legitimate original floppies and printed manuals. ZIP revision, if any. ASC version. I've finally discovered one and only one real virtue to XDS "TS compatibility kit" : allowing a program to process a huge number of files.

Thought it was honest to admit it. No change in the output : the redirection bug is still there. TopSpeed bug in one of the system libraries supposed to be so reliable one almost never checks them, for one wrongly assumes they're military grade and bullet-proof : here, it's Lib.

SplitAllPath which is unable to handle correctly paths containing dots before the name part a legal but weird idea which is almost never seen with DOS systems, while being seemingly slightly more common a practice with Win9X and WinXP directories. This is an annoyance, albeit a minor one.

Thus, I've been forced to write a hopefully more robust function before recompiling dozens of updated source code files yes, I could have patched the runtime library. Now, try and guess what happens with XDS Lib.

Yes, the function contains the very same bugs than the DOS original. Why am I not surprised? Final update! I may be getting very old, but I'm really tired of fighting against the tide of stupidity in many domains, including but not limited to computers.

I give up. I get away from it all now. This is final. And yep, no one will care. And yep, I won't either. Vale viveque! Unexpected update! Hours wasted thinking the error was mine, when it was, once again, the compiler's and its poorly ported libraries. Their TopSpeed Compatibility Kit is not even able to correctly parse command line parameters!

No wonder no one uses Modula-2 nowadays, considering the tools we're left with if we try and write anything outside the good old DOS world! Using GCC as a generator for a real language still looks like heresy to me.

I may even go back and down to C and the like, who knows? I was reviewing my AstroTools source code, wondering if adding LFN support and building a new planetary positions computing engine would be of any real interest.

Because I'm tired of all this, the answer was a definite "no" for both questions. As usual, a few fixes and enhancements were done, none of which is essential. Colleagues would have just reworded the press releases and listed the features, but this was not my way and thus, in a few days of useless work, I had created a real rather well-designed small utility for Win92 wallpapers, demonstrating the pros and cons of both libraries, with a common code base.


Will it be Possible to Fix Sistrai.exe

Windows Vista Android. Taille: Lorsque le scan sera complet, un rapport apparaîtra. Sinon, si une icône de votre réseau apparaît aussi dans la barre des tâches Windows, vous pouvez la réparer en faisant un clic droit sur l'icône et en choisissant Réparer. Pour cela, il dispose d'un module lui donnant la possibilité de détecter les paramètres non favorables à l'autonomie de l'ordinateur tels que le niveau de luminosité de l'écran et les différentes options d'alimentation. Principales fonctionnalités Lecture : EXE Explorer affiche les données concernant les programmes exécutables grâce à une fonction de visionnage.



Will it be Possible to Fix Sistrai. And it's easy to find that your Opening programs will be slower and response times lag as well. Besides, If you run several program at the same time, your PC will encounter sudden crash and unexpected freezes. The main source of these performance decreases are startup clutter, registry errors, RAM decline, fragmented files, unnecessary or redundant program installations, etc. Solution: Repairing Sistrai. In order to fix your errors and speed up PC, it is recommended that your download the ' Sistrai.